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Cooling System

• Lubricate Blower and Bearings Exchanger

• Set Dampers

• Turn Off Humidifier/Close Damper

• Clean Condenser Coil

• Replace 1" Filter

• Check Fan Speed

• Check Blower Rotation

• Check All Safety Controls

• Check Contactors and Relays

• Check All Wiring Connections

• Check Compressor

• Check Condenser Fan Motor

• Check Temperature Drop Across Coil

• Check For Adequate Refrigerant Charge

• Check Condensate Drain



Call us today to discuss our Seasonal  Maintenance Agreements.

Seasonal Maintenance Agreements

Seasonal Maintenance on your furnace, air conditioner and humidifier is important to keep them running efficiently and helps save you money. Our agreements begin April 1st 2020 through March 31st 2021 and can be renewed any time prior to your first maintenance visit. Seasonal Maintenance Agreements entitle homeowners and property managers 2 maintenance visits a year. All Seasons Heating & Cooling, LLC. will keep your equipment operating at its peak efficiency. Our Seasonal Maintenance Agreements also provide emergency service in case of breakdowns plus a 15% discount on all parts and labor. Refer a friend and receive a $15 credit on your account!

All Seasons Heating & Cooling, LLC. will keep your equipment operating at its peak efficiency.  

Heating System

• Inspect Heat

• Inspect Flue Pipes

• Lubricate Blower Bearings

• Check All Safety Controls

• Clean and Adjust Thermostat

• Check Pilot Assembly

• Check For Gas Leaks In Furnace

• Check Belts and Adjust Tension

• Replace 1" Filter

• Check Fan Control

• Check Pressure Switches

• Check Roll Out Safety Switch

• Check and Adjust Burners


Seasonal Maintenance Includes:


• Replace Water Panel

• Test Humidistat

• Clean Water Panel Channel and Water Drain

• Adjust Water Flow

• Open Bypass Dampers

• Test Water Solenoid Valve


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